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Work on the changing rooms has begun after the the lease to the clubhouse was signed and sent back to the council. Signing the lease to the clubhouse has been a long time coming with discussions with the council beginning back in . Signing the lease means we have control over the building for x number of years - so well done to all of those that have been involved over the years for seeing it through to the end despite probably feeling at times as though it would never happen.

For those of you not aware signing the lease for the clubhouse provides us with significant benefits. With all spending cuts the council weren't maintaining the building properly and we can now make improvements upstairs and downstairs the beginning of this you can see with the changing rooms renovation. These improvements will cost money and without a long term agreement with the council we were not able to raise money from grants and loans and it also means we can start charging for the hiring of changing rooms to groups such as the cycle club and other groups wishing to use the facility. It also means that Preston Park is guaranteed as the clubs long term home and puts a legal stamp on Preston Park being our home and no other cricket clubs. So a big well done to all those involved in making this happen.

The old changing rooms have been gutted and Geoff Guy who is doing the work is happy with progress so far and expects the work to be completed in good time before the start of the season. We will keep you up to date with progress.


David has met with the ECB regarding the building of the net facility at Dorothy Stringer school and they are officially supporting the bid for funding. It doesn’t mean that they will automatically fund it however but David has meetings with their funding experts who will advise on the funding application process. The building of the nets would only take a couple of weeks to complete so again we’re still hopeful of having the facility in place for the summer.