Membership Fees and Match Fees - NO PAY NO PLAY

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Posted by SPCC SPCC

We have decided as a committee to bring the date that membership has to paid forward to the 30th April. Graham and Vicky were chasing members well into the second half of the season in 2016 and it isn’t on. There are enough paying members to get five teams out so we will not tolerate a situation where there are members who have paid their money not getting a game when we have non paying members making up teams. The club’s insurance also requires you to have paid your membership fees in full to be covered by it’s policy.

Fees can be paid directly into the club’s account (details below), and remember the increased prices as agreed at the AGM at the backend of last year: -

£75 - Adult Player
£65  - Student / Unemployed

If you have any questions regarding which fee applies to you then please speak with Graham Parker to confirm.

Something else to also remember is that match fees have also been increased this year to cover costs of the new changing rooms - the prices for match fees this year are as follows: -

£12 - Adult Player
£10 - Student / Unemployed
£8 - Colt Player